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You have accessed the Katritzky Group World Wide Web server.

We are part of The Department of Chemistry in University of Florida, located in Sisler Hall, second floor.

Normally there are 53-58 members in the group, including postdoctorals, graduate  and undergraduate students, visiting researchers and  support personnel.


This website is designed to give you complete information about the Katritzky Group including: our ongoing research, current and ex-members, publications and more.


We welcome all those chemists from  around the world who join our group.

Interested applicants should check our "Joining Group" section to find out specific information, answers to common questions, and an online application form. The Katritzky group offers a great environment with adequate resources.


Address: University of Florida

Gainesville, FL 32611-7200

Phone: +1-352-392-0554

Fax: +1-352-392-9199

E-mail: katritzky@chem.ufl.edu

P.O. Box: 117200